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Indigenous People In BC- How Many First Nations In BC?

British Columbia (BC) is renowned for being home to the warmest city in Canada, having breathtaking landscapes and a rich tapestry of indigenous history and cultures. There are tons of places to visit and things to do. But as you delve deeper into the heart of BC, you may wonder, “How many First Nations are in BC?”
The answer reveals the province’s vast mosaic of First Nations communities, each with its unique heritage, practices, and stories. Understanding these …

What You Need to Know About Flying With a Vape Gear

Smoking is strictly prohibited in airports and in airplanes. You may need to carry around your vape gear if you need a quick nicotine fix to eliminate your jet lag. However, laws are becoming more stringent on vaping and e-cigarettes across the world. There are some things that you need to know before packing up your vaping gear for your next journey.
This article will talk about what Canadian vaping companies recommend about going on a flight with vape gear for both domestic and international travel.
What rules are to be followed when …

Indigenous Historic Sites

Heritage discovery often starts with native tour guides leading guests to visit a few historically and culturally significant places. In British Columbia, most indigenous groups serve as quintessential starting points for learning further about ancient cultures. 
There are many fascinating points of interest within the province alone to pay a visit, such as historic villages, traditional fishing spots, imposing totem poles, and forest petroglyphs.
Below you’ll see the most highly recommended heritage sites to …

Outdoor Escapade

Outdoor activities for indigenous people might be routine for them and from our point of view, but it’s also a manner for them to impart those encounters with modern folks. For contemporary society, outdoor adventure is both a physical and spiritual rejuvenation.
Surprisingly, several aboriginal communities in British Columbia today convey the charm of their traditional turfs in modern ways. Now you can play on primmed golf courses and revel in boat rides along rivers and seas scattered throughout BC.
Still, if …

Native Food and Wellness

Fine dining and wellness in British Columbia allow visitors a few opportunities to experience simple indigenous ways. It’s all thanks to the locals’ close, lifelong relationship with the land and their subsequent gift of providing ethnic sensory stimulations, which serve as the essence of such one-of-a-kind experiences.
You have the choice to sip homegrown wine on sage-filled desert hills, have a bite of native dishes at award-winning diners, or soak in pristine spring waters to reinvigorate your spirit. Regardless of your culinary or wellness …