Native Food and Wellness

Fine dining and wellness in British Columbia allow visitors a few opportunities to experience simple indigenous ways. It’s all thanks to the locals’ close, lifelong relationship with the land and their subsequent gift of providing ethnic sensory stimulations, which serve as the essence of such one-of-a-kind experiences.

You have the choice to sip homegrown wine on sage-filled desert hills, have a bite of native dishes at award-winning diners, or soak in pristine spring waters to reinvigorate your spirit. Regardless of your culinary or wellness itinerary for your BC vacation, here are a few highly recommended dining spots and healing spaces for your ultimate pleasure.

Jack Sam’s Restaurant & Lounge

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, drive through Shuswap Lake Road, and you’ll eventually reach Jack Sam’s Restaurant & Lounge. This contemporary eatery offers only premier dishes from their freshest and highest quality local ingredients. Indigenous fine dining aside, you also get a panoramic glimpse of Little Shuswap Lake as you savor each bite.

Spirit Ridge

Spirit Ridge is a sacred turf of the Osoyoos Indian Band, so you can rest assured that it’s an ideal retreat for those who seek spiritual healing. Your well-being will restore once you indulge in the calming aroma of desert sage, drop by the Nk’Mip vineyard, hike along abundant trails, or gaze at the stars.

Nemiah Valley Lodge

If you’re curious enough to taste foods prepared exclusively by an indigenous Red Seal chef, check out the Nemiah Valley Lodge. This ethnic diner uses only top-class locally grown and produced ingredients, allowing you to relish every meal on their menu as much as you want. 

Furthermore, an all-inclusive stay at the Nemiah Valley Lodge encompasses fishing, kayaking, hiking, and cultural activity immersion, among other stuff to do.

Tzoonie Wilderness Resort

The best aspects of the Tzoonie Wilderness Resort – stationed in Narrows Inlet – are its closeness in proximity to large urban districts and its capacity to provide an authentic indigenous wellness experience simultaneously. Apart from its usual amenities like bikes and canoes, the resort also features a soothing spa that offers a natural ambiance.

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