About Us

British Columbia is the ideal destination for creating memorable, spirited travel adventures and contemplative personal odysseys. Despite being among Canada’s cosmopolitan provinces, it still welcomes passionate and thrill-seeking globetrotters to visit the cities in the wild and fully experience the infinite possibilities of the outdoors. 

BC never fails to amaze visitors with its visually striking topographical features, be it pristine, windy beaches, lush rainforests, or vast mountain ranges. Not only is British Columbia the perfect place for countless outdoor expeditions, but it’s also home to the thriving indigenous tourism industry. 

Within the province alone, tourism ranks second among its most lucrative industries, and the aboriginal holiday business contributes primarily to the economic growth of British Columbia. There’s so much to discover and learn about the homegrown BC culture, with its more than 200 ethnic communities and roughly 30 antique languages.

For those who want to check out more of the aboriginal tourism and wilderness in British Columbia, we have founded Black Tusk to preserve and promote the lavish Canadian outdoors and the indigenous knowledge and wisdom that you’ll witness exclusively in BC. 

We have made it a lifelong dedication to connect tourists from different parts of the world and share many incredible things about the native BC tourism business.