Celebrating National Indigenous History Month

Residents and visitors across British Columbia celebrate the national indigenous history throughout the entire month of June. Known as Indigenous History Month, this celebration pays tribute to the ethnic groups that constitute many colorful, diverse traditional cultures of Canada.

If you happen to be a guest spending vacation in BC, you should visit their heritage sites and acknowledge their simple yet remarkable way of living. This way, you have given importance to the existence of a few remaining indigenous communities scattered throughout the province.

The Ainsworth Hot Springs – for example – is widely considered among Ktunaxa First Nations residents as a spiritual place of respite since its mineral waters possess rejuvenating properties. The Ktunaxa people will appreciate it if you show humility or pay respect to their natural heritage.

Another instance wherein you should be mindful of other people’s customs and traditions is when you’re at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre. Pointing one’s finger at Siy’am Smanit (Stawamus Chief) indicates disrespect toward the native people’s ancient belief in their mythology. Locals added that rain, thunderstorms, and other misfortunes occur at the first sign of impoliteness.

The bottom line about celebrating Indigenous History Month in Canada is that you only need to respect and appreciate the heritage of the ethnic communities nationwide.

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