Showing Appreciation for Mother Earth

In these modern times, we only get to remember Mother Earth each time people across the globe celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd annually. For indigenous folks, however, each day is a brand new day to show gratitude toward Mother Nature.

To honor Mother Earth is to forge a spiritual connection with her and reflect upon the reality that we wouldn’t be here still alive and breathing if it wasn’t for the natural gifts she shared with us. In addition to being grateful to Mother Earth, we should give our time to pay tribute to the ethnic groups and their unmatched efforts to do their best to preserve not only their precious culture but also our natural surroundings.

Another way we can show Mother Earth our appreciation for her is our responsibility toward the natural environment as travelers. Even in this small manner, we’re already helping to minimize environmental pollution and, consequently, serious harm to our surroundings and health.

Our social situation depends entirely on the overall wellness of the environment that we all share. The entire world will become a better place if we adopt the same mindset that aboriginal people employ to appreciate the kindness of Mother Earth to us.

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