Places to Visit in British Columbia

Diverse climate, immaculate national parks, cedar or pine-filled forests, and traditional plant foods are among the prized assets of British Columbia. Its naturally fascinating and culturally diverse regions provide visitors an exceptional opportunity to catch a glimpse of aboriginal culture in each locale.

Browse through each entry in the following list of the top locations to drop over before deciding to spend your holiday in BC.

1. Cariboo-Chilcotin Coast

The coastal region of Cariboo-Chilcotin stretches across the lower-middle portion of British Columbia and extends toward the indigenous Tsilhqot’in territory, which it partially got its name. The longer you spend your time here, the more you witness the beauty of windswept mountain peaks, endless canyons, verdant rainforests, and fjord-like coastlines.

Also, never miss out on dropping by the grand Fraser River. Rest assured, you will achieve such a fantastic experience.

2. The Kootenay Ranges

The Kootenay Ranges, also known as Kootenay Rockies or Western Ranges, primarily feature the ice-capped peaks of Creston and Cranbrook. Spectators often gaze at the spectacular panorama of the mountainous region because the view is a sight to behold.

A few rejuvenating activities like watching bighorn sheep flocking in packs and soaking in hot spring waters await you in the alpine region.

3. Thompson Okanagan Region

The indigenous culture of the Thompson Okanagan area is one distinctive affair that will captivate your cultured senses. Native residents impart their knowledge on wine-making using selected traditional plants pithouse (kekuli) construction.

Additionally, desert scenery, abundant forests, and freshwater areas bring life to the Thompson Okanagan region for the most part.

4. Vancouver Island

The tourist scenery in Vancouver Island is somewhat unique due to its tepid climate and the ongoing prosperity of bountiful rainforests and surrounding oceans, getting you closer to Mother Nature in a gentle and tranquil way. Such lavish natural resources have led to the sustenance of whale pods and the thriving of intricate metal and wood craftsmanship.

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