Our Connection with the World

Traveling to a different place – locally or outside the country – is more than just meeting new people, gaining friends along the way, getting accustomed to indigenous cultures abroad, and generally going through a momentarily joyful holiday. An excursion is more than just that.

One of the beauties of holiday trips is the establishment of ethnic and spiritual connections with the neighboring natural landscape and its life forms. British Columbia, with its several different ecosystems, gladly presents you with these natural gifts, so you can become intimate with nature and nurture such a sacred connection. 

Becoming one with nature is indeed a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience.

Immersion in a given ancient culture is also a natural connection in itself. With the memories and antiquities you’ve come across, you’re already forming a special bond with the indigenous communities, seamlessly relating yourself to their customary way of life.

To sustain this significant connection in the foreseeable future, we all should do our part to conserve the fragile and irreplaceable natural resources and insights that aboriginal people imparted to us and pass them on to the next generations. In this manner, our nexus with the natural world and the indigenous people will flourish in the next few years.

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