Designation Programs for New Indigenous Businesses

Are you an indigenous individual who owns an up-and-coming native business in British Columbia? If your answer is yes, you need to obtain a business designation that certifies your ownership of the enterprise as an indigenous person and the authenticity of your homegrown products.

Perhaps the key advantages of being given an indigenous business designation are a guaranteed boost in tourism-related sales and a significant contribution to the economic growth of tourism in BC. 

Additionally, once your potential foreign customers get a glimpse of the indigenous business designation in your establishment, they can rest assured they’re getting their money’s worth of locally produced goods and helping revitalize local tourism.

If you want to acquire an indigenous designation for your business, you must undergo a comprehensive assessment to comply with the program requirements.

Moreover, keep in mind the following three things while you’re in the process of doing so to increase your chances of getting designated:

  1. The business should be owned and operated exclusively by an indigenous individual.
  2. The indigenous business must be capable of providing quality ethnic-cultural products.
  3. The indigenous business should exercise sustainability to protect their culture and the natural environment. 

Once ready, reach out to any non-profit organization that grants these designation programs in your area.

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