Black Tusk Travel Organizer App

Have you ever thought about enjoying your holiday vacation somewhere in British Columbia? If you’re already excited but not yet prepared, you need to plan your trip weeks before the schedule. It’s high time that you download the Black Tusk Travel Organizer app!

The Travel Organizer smartphone app by Black Tusk is an essential tool for planning your possibly most memorable trip ever. Our app’s responsive design allows faster and more user-friendly browsing of information regarding the best accommodations and special, limited-time offers.

Before your scheduled cultural journey to your chosen destination in BC, we highly recommend that you set up our app on your device so you can draft your excursion properly.

The Black Tusk Travel Organizer app boasts many innovative features yet is easy to use. It lets you search for the most authentic ethnic-cultural experiences, locate the nearest native businesses, comprehend basic indigenous terms and phrases, and listen to indigenous music and traditional stories. 

Some interesting things you can do in the app include bookmarking your top picks for a more personalized itinerary and using the interactive, integrated map to spot nearby tourist attractions upon arrival.

The Black Tusk Travel Organizer is now available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

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